2015 033Birth Doula Services-

          I help you stay strong and calm during birth.  I will offer comfort measures, coping techniques and constant presence to help you create a satisfying birth experience.  With education, physical and emotional support  I support your transition in adding a child to your family.

Postpartum Care-                                                                                                                    I teach you how to: care for your new baby, bathe, swaddle, sooth, and give infant massages.  I assess breastfeeding and also care for baby while you rest or get cleaned up.

   I provide tactical support for families by doing light housekeeping which can include laundry, house tidying, sweeping, cooking meals, dishes, and assisting parents with the care of older siblings.  I am the extra pair of hands moms and dads need at this pivotal time.

Breastfeeding Consult-

  In-home assessment for the breastfeeding mom and infant.  Some things I check are latch, positioning, and swallow patterns.

Overnight Support-        


   At times a family just needs to re-set their sleep. I tend baby while parents get a full night’s rest and are then able to continue forward, refreshed and with a new outlook on life.  Nurslings can also be brought in at feeding time, then settled back to sleep for mom.