What is a doula anyway?!

A birth doula is a trained labor professional who provides a couple with continuous physical, informational, and emotional support before, during and after a birth.  With skills to help a couple have a better birth experience, a birth doula can help have a shorter labor, less need for interventions, and reduce your risk for a cesarean birthCheck research here 

A postpartum doula is an expert in normal newborn development  and your tour guide to a new baby.    She helps a family get through the challenging,  exhausting first few weeks of life  with a new baby in the home.   She has access to resources if a family needs more experienced help.

“I WISH I had known about you!!”

“It would have been so much easier with more help.”

“You are our personal Mary Poppins!”

“Yay!! Tammy the doula is here!”

      Adding a new baby to your family brings many challenges

          and a steep learning curve.

     I bring peace and calm and teach YOU how to create them

           in your home!