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What is a doula anyway?!

A birth doula is a trained labor professional who provides a couple with continuous physical, informational, and emotional support before, during and after a birth.  With skills to help a couple have a better birth experience, a birth doula can help have a shorter labor, less need for interventions, and reduce your risk for a cesarean birthCheck research here 

A postpartum doula is an expert in normal newborn development  and your tour guide to a new baby.    She helps a family get through the challenging,  exhausting first few weeks of life  with a new baby in the home.   She has access to resources if a family needs more experienced help.

“I WISH I had known about you!!”

“It would have been so much easier with more help.”

“You are our personal Mary Poppins!”

“Yay!! Tammy the doula is here!”

      Adding a new baby to your family brings many challenges

          and a steep learning curve.

     I bring peace and calm and teach YOU how to create them

           in your home!




Birth Doula Services

I help you stay strong and calm during birth.  I will offer comfort measures, coping techniques and constant presence to help you create a satisfying birth experience.  With education, physical and emotional support  I support your transition in adding a child to your family.

Postpartum Care-                                                                                                                    

I teach you how to: care for your new baby, bathe, swaddle, sooth, and give infant massages.  I assess breastfeeding and also care for baby while you rest or get cleaned up.

I provide tactical support for families by doing light housekeeping which can include laundry, house tidying, sweeping, cooking meals, dishes, and assisting parents with the care of older siblings.  I am the extra pair of hands moms and dads need at this pivotal time.

Breastfeeding Consult-

  In-home assessment for the breastfeeding mom and infant.  Some things I check are latch, positioning, and swallow patterns.

Overnight Support-        

At times a family just needs to re-set their sleep. I tend baby while parents get a full night’s rest and are then able to continue forward, refreshed and with a new outlook on life. Nurslings can also be brought in at feeding time, then settled back to sleep for mom.




Birth doula services

1 prenatal visit to learn coping techniques, relaxation skills and  practice communication strategies for birth

Birth preferences review

On-call availability for the month around your due date

Support laboring at home before moving to your birth location

Continuous support for you and your birth team during your labor, with a second doula available for long labors (over 24 hours)

One postpartum visit for birth reflection and practical support

Breastfeeding education and support



8 Hour Postpartum

In-home teaching and care (8 hours)

Phone consulting (up to 1 hour)


12 Hour

In-home teaching and care (12 hours)

Phone consulting (up to 1 hour)


20 Hour

Hospital Visit

In-home teaching and care (20 hours)

Phone consulting (up to 1 hour)



Breastfeeding Consultation

2 hours in your home




Overnight Support

8 hours to help you re-set

your body clock.



Overnight Package

3 nights, not consecutive

24 hours total



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About Me

                                   Tammy Mancuso  

                                             Birth and Postpartum Doula Extraordinaire!


 I believe new parents need teaching and support                               to become phenomenal parents.

I bring an extra set of hands with an abundance of experience to help your family make a smooth transition with your new addition.

* I have been a postpartum doula in Rochester, NY since 2005 and have supported over 60 families as they adjusted to a new baby (or two!).


*I am a trained birth doula with DONA International.

*  I am a certified postpartum doula (PCD(DONA)) with DONA International.   (dona.org)

* I became a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) in 2008 with Healthy Children’s Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice.   (healthychildren.cc)

 * I am a mom of 6, Grams to 5, and  have 35  years of family life experience

 * I live in Grand Junction, Colorado, and look forward to helping  many Grand Valley families “spread their wings” in the years to come.


I can also be reached at


and 585-362-5788